Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Through a trustworthy network of American university partners and African university partners, Africa America Higher Education Partnership (AAHEP) identifies African women leaders pursuing a graduate degree in technology and science — the “hard sciences” such as engineering, chemistry, physics, agriculture and computer sciences — and matches them with appropriate research institutions and individual researchers in Ph.D programs. Our scholars return to Africa to teach. And lead.

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African women scientistsThere exists a paucity of African women in leadership positions. AAHEP calls this “The African Problem.” And while some Americans may think it an impossible issue to solve, AAHEP believes it can be bridged by promoting highly qualified, elite women scholars, actively encouraging and directing them to becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

The solution to “The African Problem” depends on the involvement of the following stakeholders:

  • African educators, department heads of higher education institutions seeking to place exceptional women scholars in American graduate programs
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Private individuals, organizations and/or corporations offering sponsorships

AAHEP is committed to a long-term engagement. Our vision is all encompassing. Learn more about what makes AAHEP different.

  • Our mission

    Provide African females the opportunity to pursue Ph.D degrees with a significant component of leadership training in America.

    Our vision

    Our women leaders will return to Africa and effect change to their countries and continent.

    education abroadAfrica America Higher Education Partnership is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that accepts tax-exempt financial contributions to defray students’ sponsorships and other efforts. Our mission relies on partners to further AAHEP’s mission. Become a partner

  • Success Story

    Meet Florence, a mechanical engineering scholar from East Africa and one of AAHEP's great success stories. Read Florence's story