What Makes Us Different

Africa America Higher Education Partnerships (AAHEP) can make a difference in the world through women in leadership. Here’s how:

  • AAHEP focuses on African women scientists, those who are at the core of solving “The African Problem.”
  • AAHEP has the long-term vision and commitment to effect change, needed to address “The African Problem.”
  • AAHEP focuses on elite African women in leadership poised to lead others and anxious to become role models.
  • AAHEP focuses on programs for women in technology and science, which makes it easier to recognize and justify qualifications across international borders, and thus increasing efficacy.
  • A diverse web of higher education institutions in Africa and America can address “the African Problem.” Only AAHEP has secured the cooperation of these distinctly varied trans-Atlantic institutions.
  • AAHEP can scale up operations in the future to include other disciplines in addition to technology and science.
  • AAHEP “marries” scientific Ph.D research to leadership apprenticeships.
  • The AAHEP board of directors is uniquely positioned to deliver on the organization’s mission.

AAHEP employs strategies that increase efficacy, such as working with many organizations to optimize combined effort, seeking and willing to listen to all reasonable ideas and suggestions and understanding that an umbilical cord tethers African women scientists to Africa.

A change is coming. And AAHEP is leading the way. We are seeking like-minded partners to assist in the organization’s mission. Become a Partner

The AAHEP policies that ensure efficacy are:

  • students will be prepared to embark on their American assignment and make the most of their opportunity
  • students will go back to Africa to teach and lead
  • sponsorship funds will be put to the best possible use

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