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The African Women’s Education Terror Antidote

Despite a certain degree of activism by some women leaders in the wake of the recent kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in northeast Nigeria, the progress of girls’ education across Africa still lags behind that of boys at all levels and is particularly bleak at the postgraduate level. Read my latest blog post for […]

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More Ph.Ds equals less violence

I have an equation that states that the more female Ph.Ds you have in a given community, the less the violence in the community. And vice versa. As societies develop and we create more opportunities for women to attain Ph.Ds it seems the violent tendency among their men is neutralized: by women’s education, women’s wisdom, […]

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My grandmother, clan leader

Women are Africa’s leaders. Or in a more universal sense, women are humanity’s leaders though you would not believe it looking at the world and the way most tribes and societies treat women. This is done willfully by men who form gangs and groups that make certain women are not effective leaders. There of course […]

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