More Ph.Ds equals less violence

I have an equation that states that the more female Ph.Ds you have in a given community, the less the violence in the community. And vice versa. As societies develop and we create more opportunities for women to attain Ph.Ds it seems the violent tendency among their men is neutralized: by women’s education, women’s wisdom, leadership and the ability to pour balm over incendiary situations. It is also instructing that whenever evil men acquire power and take over civil societies, the first thing they do is destroy academic institutions, rape educated women and kill the enlightened segments of their societies.

From my observation, wherever you have a large concentration of women Ph.Ds the less the violence one encounters in that society. Places across Africa where violence against women is rampant have one thing in common: women’s education is dismal. It would thus seem the solution to violence against women is education. That is one of the objectives of Africa America Higher Education Partnerships (AAHEP): to promote women’s education and thus lessen violence against women.

Each woman Ph.D brings with her a multiplier effect of wellness, progress and peace to her community and to Africa.

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Educating women to the highest possible level means that we are also educating the whole extended family and by extension her clan and part of her immediate tribe. By educating a large group of Ph.Ds, as is AAHEP’s aim, each additional woman Ph.D brings with her a multiplier effect of wellness, progress and peace to her community and to Africa. That I believe is reason enough to train 50 women Ph.Ds in the next few years. I believe too that you scale that up by several factors if you had 100 women Ph.Ds.

But we have set ourselves and the female scholars of AAHEP a more difficult task. We want them to do their Ph.Ds in the hard sciences: engineering, chemistry, mathematics, and agronomy, climatology — that will be involved in Africa’s evolution.

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We also posit that man’s shortcoming is his lack of imagination. If we imagine greatness, we can show them that given their intellectual brilliance they are best placed to be the natural leaders of their communities. Given that then, and if they can take the challenge seriously, Africa will be on a win-win position.

Anyone who cares to see Africa progress, from being the world’s sick man to a vibrant place of peace and progress, will join with AAHEP to develop the most dynamic science and leadership challenge for our scholars as possible. It is only by challenging people that they realize they have a god-like potential. Women naturally have blinders that prevent them from realizing that they are not women but amazing giants of indomitable power.

AAHEP scholars are challenged to become the best teachers of their academic institutions; institutions that we expect will play an active role in their communities in particular and Africa in general.

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