Reception: CSU’s Department of Engineering/AAHEP (Africa America Higher Eductaion Partnerships)

Since its inception, AAHEP has had significant success assisting African women of science obtain placement in PhD programs in Colorado universities. In the process AAHEP has developed connections and relationships among Colorado universities. It is a process that has slowly been taking place across the US, where AAHEP is creating bonds for future African women PhD scholars. Each university has expressed the mutual relationships in its own unique way. In CSU, AAHEP has found a great partner. As an expression of that partnership the Department of Mechanical Engineering hosted a reception for AAHEP on September 21st, 2011.  It was a reception attended by CSU students, and teaching staff as well as the Front Range community.

Dr. Susan James, Head of CSU’s department of Mechanical Engineering and AAHEP Board member conversing with CSU professors and D. Pius Kamau, the President of AAHEP

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Florence Mbithi, AAHEP’s scholar at the University of Denver’s School of Engineering, talks to Anita Sanborn, a AAHEP Board member and President of Colorado Episcopal Foundation

Florence Mbithi discussing her experience in the US with CSU’s Professor Bryan Willson and Dr. Miranda

Dr. Susan James explains the developing relationship between the department of Mechanical Engineering and AAHEP as Dr. Pius Kamau listens intently


Anita Sanborn, President of the Colorado Episcopal Foundation (COEF) and Board member of AAHEP explains how her Foundation supports African women’s education. Additionally COEF has been extensively involved with the local Sudanese community

Dr. Pius Kamau, President of AAHEP is grateful and happy for the hospitality shown by CSU and the Department of Mechanical Engineering

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